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Latest issue: Volume 7(2), 2014

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  • IN THIS ISSUE (Posted on Thu, Mar. 20, 2014):
  • Editor's Comments pages i-ix
  • Paper 1 - NM Waid and MH Nassef, “Preliminary Plan for Reviewing the Physical Protection of Nuclear Facilities in Egypt”, pages 1‐11
  • Paper 2 - N Terao and M Suzuki, “A Probabilistic Extension of the EASI Model”, pages 12‐29
  • Paper 3 - MC Echeta, LA Dim, OD Oyeyinka, and AO Kuye, “PPS Evaluation of An Oil Refinery Using EASI Model”, pages 30‐41
  • Paper 4 - B Nkom, II Funtua, and LA Dim, “Design of an Access Control System: A Paradigm for Small Nuclear Facilities”, pages 42‐49
  • Paper 5 - M Coole and DJ Brooks, “Do Security Systems Fail Because of Entropy?”, pages 50‐76

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