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Latest issue: Volume 7(3), 2014

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  • IN THIS ISSUE (Posted on Tue, Nov. 11, 2014):
  • Editor's Comments pages i-iv
  • Paper 1 - A Negrut, “Is Security for U.S. Diplomatic Posts Correlated with the Death Rate from Significant Attacks?”, pages 1-8
  • Paper 2 - RG Johnston, CN Folk, and JS Warner, “Why Fearing NORQ is Bad for Security”, pages 9-12
  • Paper 3 - RG Johnston and JS Warner, “Is Physical Security a Real Field?”, pages 13-15
  • Paper 4 - R Duguay, “Performance-Based Approach to the Security of Radioactive Sealed Sources: A Canadian Perspective”, pages 16-23
  • Paper 5 - JO Ayodele, “Support for Victims of Crime in Lagos, Nigeria”, pages 24-44
  • Paper 6 - JO Ayodele and AA Aderinto, “Crime Location and Reporting Practices of Victims in Lagos, Nigeria”, pages 45-61
  • Paper 7 - RG Johnston and JS Warner, “Unconventional Security Devices”, pages 62-126

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