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Instructions to Authors

Manuscripts can be submitted for consideration either by mail or email. In either case, provide full contact information for the corresponding author, including mailing address, phone, fax, and email.

By mail
Send 3 paper copies of your manuscript (single to double spaced, one or two-sided printing), plus (if possible) an electronic copy on PC or Mac floppy disk, or CD-Rom to:

Roger Johnston, Editor
The Journal of Physical Security
Argonne National Laboratory, Bldg. 206
9700 South Cass Ave.
Argonne, IL 60439-4814 USA

By email
Send your manuscript as an attachment, ideally in MicroSoft Word or Pages, to: . The Subject Line of your email should be “JPS Submission”.

Additional Information

  1. All submitted manuscripts will be reviewed by at least two anonymous reviewers.
  2. All manuscripts must be in English. Short, active sentences are best. The Journal discourages the use of the passive voice and archaic, overly formal writing styles. Feel free to use the first person. Thus, “We measured this phenomenon” is better than “The phenomenon was measured.”
  3. Authors must indicate their institutional or corporate affiliation, as well as any personal financial interest in products, services, or companies discussed in their manuscripts. Any non-governmental funding for the work discussed in their paper should also be disclosed.
  4. Because the Journal is multi-disciplinary, with readers from many different backgrounds, authors should write their papers for an educated, but non-specialized audience. Authors should carefully explain any technical terms or acronyms, and devote significant time in the Introduction (or elsewhere) to placing their work in context.
  5. The paper should begin with an abstract of 50-120 words.
  6. Section Headings should be in Bold. Subsections should be avoided if possible.
  7. Authors are responsible for assuring that they have the right to use and release the information, text, or figures that appear in their paper. If rights to reproduce material in the paper must be obtained from a secondary source, the authors are responsible for do so, and for indicating this in their paper.
  8. There is no preset size for papers. Space, however, is at a premium and authors will be strongly encouraged to keep their discussions short and to the point.
  9. Figures can be in color or black & white, but only the Internet edition of the Journal (not the printed version) will display color. Figures should be inserted into the main text of the paper shortly after they are first mentioned. Keep figures to the minimum size and number to make your point. Long figure captions are acceptable if they help to explain the figure and/or convey complicated information.
  10. Tables should be inserted into the main text of the paper shortly after they are first mentioned.
  11. Avoid discourse using endnotes or footnotes whenever possible in favor of discussion in the main body of the paper, or in appendices.
  12. References must appear at the end of the paper in a separate “References” Section. Authors may either cite references by the author’s name (and year if multiple papers by the same author are cited), or by number. If citation by name is used, the references should be alphabetized in the References Section at the end of the paper. If the references are cited by number, they should be listed in the References Section in the order cited in the paper. With either style, the reference should be cited in the main text of the paper using brackets [ ], not superscripts or parentheses.
  13. If possible, please use Cambria 12 for the font of the main text, with figure and table captions as Cambria 10 or 11.

How to Cite Papers from The Journal of Physical Security

Each paper in the Journal of Physical Security is page numbered separately, starting with page 1 or i. Papers are best cited by Volume number, issue number, and Paper Number, plus date and the Journal’s Web address (